The mystery of Millennial politics | We the Pleeple

Millennials are politically weird. If it were just that they’re generally more liberal than older folks, that wouldn’t be weird. In fact, that might be a reasonable thing to expect from a racially …

Source: The mystery of Millennial politics | We the Pleeple


Eat Dirt

Our bodies are confused by this 21st-century world.

Source: Educate Your Immune System – The New York Times

A long, interesting, nuanced discussion of the intersection of genetics and the immune system. It clarified my understanding of the “hygiene hypothesis”.

Guy thing: Dating Smart Women

Men, at least the men I hang out with, really like smart women. Hilary is one of the smartest and this in depth profile illustrates just how smart and well-rounded she is.

Everyone will move to Canada

There is much to celebrate, and some things to worry about, in a ranking of national brands

Source: We’re No. 2! And that’s pretty darn good – The Globe and Mail

The article reports the result of an international ranking effort.

Over the course of the last 50 years, there’s been a major change in Canadians’ sense of identity and confidence. What we have yet to do, as Canadians, is take on some international leadership.

Trumponic: Half a War Like Loaf

For Republicans looking to support someone other than Trump, supporting Hillary seems an impossible choice. They should think again. Hillary has serious interventionist foreign policy credentials that have often been more in line with conservative than liberal thought.

Support Hillary and then focus on down ballot races in attempt to counter her more liberal national policies.

Source: The GOP now belongs to Trump. What are Republicans going to do about it? – The Washington Post

Trumponic: Theme Music

The Rolling Stones order Donald Trump to stop playing their songs during his presidential campaign.

Source: Rolling Stones tell Trump to stop using their music – BBC News

What’s the Donald to do? Springsteen won’t give him any rights either. What musician would?

Here’s my suggestion for Trump’s theme music: Ten Little Fingers.

Trump and the Baby Boom

Source: Donald Trump, baby boomer: How the candidate was shaped by his generation.

An excellent article on the formation of Donald Trump – in particular his appeal to lower class males who had to fight in Vietnam while he avoided the draft.

Another memory of hypocrisy: Mitt Romney’s sons didn’t serve.