About Cranky Ron

So, what’s with Cranky Ron? This is where I get to let off steam about things I’ve mostly kept to myself. What gets me going?

  • All “alternative” or “holistic” medicine. It’s a scam. Modern medical science is riddled with bad research and even worse practice, but the truth eventually comes out (usually 20 years after the fact).
  • Reporting of scientific research (in all fields). Why does everyone think we’re stupid? Why does everyone think we need to get excited about research that isn’t what’s actually being reported?
  • Research methodology and statistics. I do not claim to be much of an expert, but really…
  • Discussions of mental health. Been there, know what I’m talking about.
  • Religion. I take my spirituality and worship very seriously – it is central to my identity. It is the story I tell about myself. So why is most writing / reporting about religion so simplistic and stupid? Give us a break – we can handle ambiguity, uncertainty and doubt.
  • AND THE BIBLE: would you actually read the thing and think about what you’ve read?

So, here’s the deal. The above crankiness shouldn’t be primarily aggressive – this doesn’t lead to dialogue and engagement. I will try to be nice.


Ron Berntson


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